Musical Notes: Schenk FE Grand Fingerstyle 6-String

Last updated: 24 August 2009

Musical Notes

On The Schenk FE Grand Fingerstyle 6-String


Shortly after getting the 12-string, I knew I would be getting another Schenk. The only question was what would it be? Another 12-string? Perhaps a GK or another FE with different woods ... or a short scale (though he has not built a short scale yet). Rod's 12-string has such a unique sound, not jangly at all, so another 12-string would be an obvious choice.

After almost six months of mulling the options, I decided to get a 6-string with the same specifications as the 12-string. Based on the 12-string, I knew it would have a smooth, deep bass and silky trebles. The 6-string would accentuate the strong fundamentals of Rod's guitars.

In less than a year of receiving the 12-string, I had the 6-string.



Even after a few months of playing them side by side, I'm not sure which I like better ... though I think the 12-string will always have a special place in my heart since it was first. Both are heavenly to listen to and play. Here's a few pictures of the twins together.





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