My Winter 2002 NAMM Show Memories - Hall A

Last updated: 27 January 2002

Hall A


Although I did not spend very much time in this hall, I visited Shubb Capos and bought one of their deluxe capos for classical guitars. Since trying out the deluxe capo, I have decided that I prefer the original design over the deluxe. I just wonder how long the roller will last before it breaks.

At John Pearse Strings and Accessories, I was particularly interested in seeing their armrest in person. I have been debating whether or not to try one out, but have decided not to take the plunge as it needs to be permanently mounted on the guitar.

I spent some time at Suzuki playing some digital pianos and Mackie Designs to pick up some brochures for a friend. Yamaha, another place I went to pick up some brochures for him, was outside the Convention Center in the Marriot. I tried out the new CVP-209, as well as some of their pianos.


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